All of WR Block's products are manufactured in the USA.

WR Block Products

Photo Amplifier Protector Production

Designed and Manufactured in USA

Photo PLDO AC Power Protector Improved version of the PolyPhaser PLDO in-line AC power protector.
Photo Amplifier Protector Audio Amplifier Protector Protects audio amplifiers driving outdoor speakers.
Photo PSP-120 Power Supply Protector Protects electronic equipment power supplies.
Photo CATV Protector CATV Protector Protects CATV camera and head-end equipment for both power and vedio. Utilized isolated ground technology.
TBD Antenna Rotor Protector Improved version of the PolyPhaser IS-RCT. Eight-line series protector.
Photo SteppIR Protector SteppIR® Protector Protects the SDA 100 controller from strike energy. One board required for each element.
Photo PolyPhaser IX-board IX-Board Protectors We are the only distributor to stock and sell individual boards or unique combinations of boards.
Photo Digi-FIST Digi-FIST Digitally shows the breakdown voltage of a surge protection device. No longer available from PolyPhaser.