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Lightning Protection Installation Training

Basic Certification Course

Here is an opportunity to learn and become certified in the proper way to implement lightning protection at your radio communication sites. The level of Basic Certification is achieved in two steps. The first step involves the active participation in the course as outlined below and the achievement of a passing grade in the examination at the end of the course. The second step involves selecting and remediating a communications site with known problems and submitting the required documentation relating to the extent and quality of the worked performed. The documentation will be reviewed and if all requirements have been met, you will have earned your Basic Certification.

Course outline

Development and delivery
Characteristics and quantifications

Site susceptibility
Tower height
Soil conditions
Equipment interconnection

Exterior ground system
Ground rods and radials
Equipment hut perimeter ground
Utility connection
Below grade items

Tower guy anchor treatment

Dissimilar metal treatment

Bonding methods

Ground system measurement

Interior ground system
Single point ground
Equipment I/O protectors
Floor isolation
Personnel safety

Site inspection process
Business/engineering aspects
Understanding the site
Work performance

New site design considerations
Ufer ground system
Site element layout
Equipment building

Achieving Certification
Selecting a site




Certification Steps

Participation in this course and achievement of a passing grade
Successful remediation of a problematic site.

Course dates

To be defined based on demand. Call for information (800) 421-7170.

Class size

Minimum of 10 students.
Maximum of 20 students.


$980 prior to the start of the course.
$900 for the second and subsequent attendees from the same company.


Can be conducted on demand in most locations within the USA provided that the class size requirements can be maintained.