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Power Line Extension Protector with Duplex Outlet (PLDO)

Photo PSP-120 Protector

Where ac powered equipment requires protection from surge or lightning energy, this unit will provide effective protection, filtering, and grounding.  It utilizes matched components and an all aluminum enclosure. It is an improved replacement for the PolyPhaser PLDO-120US15A

      * In-line multi-stage (EMP rated) protection with built in RF filtering:
    -50dB @ 5MHz
    -55 dB @ 70MHz
    -45dB @ 140MHz
      * Multi-strike capable, 25kA on all conductors
      * Air wound inductors that will not saturate
      * Protects from both differential and common mode energy
    Line to Ground
    Line to Neutral
    Neutral to Ground
      * Surge energy is deposited on the case and not dumped back into the electrical system
      * All aluminum enclosure for safety and a low inductance ground connection
      * Should be mounted and grounded to a Single Point Ground Panel as part of a complete protection scheme
      * Crimped and soldered terminal construction for reliability
      * Matched MOV designed for the best clamping/energy handling
      * Circuit breaker for added protection
      * Extra long 15 foot SJT type power cord
      * Duplex outlet adaptable to six outlets
      * Space requirement in inches: 7¼ long, 4¼ wide (excluding two mounting brackets), and 3¼ high
      * Made in the USA
      * For 120 Vac at 15 Amps, order part number: PLDO-120US15A

A 240 Vac hardwired model will be available soon.