A must before you site your tower.

Basic Lightning Event Simulator

BLES Screen Shot

The Basic Lightning Event Simulator (BLES) is a software tool to allow you to vary the physical site layout parameters and observe the impact of such changes on the amount of lightning energy delivered to the radio equipment during a lightning strike event.

The BLES implements the calculations for a free-standing (self supported) tower as presented in Chapter 1 of the PolyPhaser publications Lightning Protection and Grounding Solutions for Communications Sites and The "Grounds" for Lightning and EMP Protection.

A guyed tower version of the BLES will be offered in the future.

Each of the following parameters may be independently varied:

In addition, the probability of experiencing a lightning strike is calculated based on tower height and geographic location.

The BLES is available on CD for Microsoft Windows-based systems (NT, 2000, 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7) for $30.00.